Lynn Traub is an author, life teacher, hypnotherapist, and seminar leader. She does not come from a traditional educational background; rather, her wisdom comes from years of invaluable life experiences. As Lynn likes to put it, "Life is my teacher." Her exceptional gift of expressing love and compassion for the people she interacts with is genuine and palpable.

Lynn's childhood was tumultuous and wrought with difficulty, which motivated her to look for more even as a young child. From the age of 3, Lynn was a natural performer. She would often diffuse situations with her singing and emoting gift, leaving people with a sense of calm or happiness, bringing them to a place beyond their own personal fear, sadness, or anger. She later channeled this energy into performing as a singer throughout Canada and the United States.

Lynn, the performer, found herself being pulled towards her true calling as a seminar leader and inspirational speaker. She began extensive training with an educational corporation, which enabled her to lead seminars and inspire people to go beyond who they knew themselves as, and transcend their own personal life blocks.

In 2003, Lynn co-founded IAM Center, based in Vancouver, Canada. She was instrumental in developing and leading seminars, as well as assisting in personal counseling sessions. During this time, she also co-authored two books, The Sex Seminar: Are you ready for the red pill and Lessons from the F@%$ing Master.

Currently, Lynn facilitates personal life and relationship counseling sessions, seminars, and wellness retreats. As a clinical hypnotherapist with extensive training, she guides people through crippling personal issues. There is no human condition that Lynn will not address with an individual, couple, or group. To the extent of unresolved grief, addiction, fear, and other blockages, to self-growth, Lynn's primary commitment is to envelop each individual with a sense of nurturing, love and acceptance.