Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste

There is SOOO much value in being a student!

I definitely understand the excitement of wanting to share knowledge as it comes in and I would have nothing to say if one was actually sharing. 

What I’m speaking about is not a person authentically sharing! True sharing requires one to expose themselves. This then will elicit the other to feel connected to the one that just shared. They will feel that the other person just gifted something and it’s because they did gift something! They gifted the other insight into the human condition. 

The listener is then left feeling related to them, rather than less than them.

So true sharing is not what most people are doing with this easily accessible truth!

What I experience most of us doing is quickly copy and pasting our new-found knowledge and intellectual downloads all over social media for the payoff of likes and validation! 

When I first began my path of personal development and self-realization, I too would go spouting all of this beautiful knowledge and truth to anyone who would listen, able to walk zero of what I talked, knowing a lot, but truly owning none of it! 

This led people to see me as someone who thinks they are better than, righteous and a holier than thou asshole! See, the world knew that I knew too much and that I was trying to DO enlightenment rather than BEing!

People that loved me put up with me hoping that one day I would take the “all-knowing” stick out of my ass!

So, let me attempt to save you from some major embarrassment!

Before you start pontificating all these beautiful truths, understand where they came from and have some honor and humility because what it becomes is pearls to swine! 

The teachers that came before you didn’t just do one seminar or read the latest self-help book or watch the latest 30-year-old guru on YouTube. They have done a lifetime of being a student first. They have committed their life to understanding the “Being of a human being”, whether from becoming a master teacher, philosopher, alternative therapist, or scientist of Quantum Physics.

Yes, it’s true, we all have the master within, but one has to thoroughly distinguish the Ego from the true Self! The Ego has an amazing skill of co-opting these sacred understandings and then watering it down to a surface level “feel good” expression. When one reflects, contemplates and meditates on even one truth and universal principle, they will most certainly be changed.

It takes years of arduous commitment and discipline of objective self-observation and reflection to face the painful truths and state of the emotional body, while gaining an expansive emotional intelligence.

This knowledge that can be so easily found and accessed ends up having the effect of shoving us into a deeper state of denial, avoidance and rationalization that then can create the hidden beliefs to go even deeper into the shadows; overran by the high mindedness of “positivity”!

Too much knowledge without understanding is very detrimental to healing.

To quote an amazing teacher of mine “The difficulty and issue with all of the self-help trends and in not having a teacher to reflect and learn with is... if the mouse is in charge of the cheese factory, who’s watching the mouse”?