Yes, I said it!

Now let me explain. 

When we ask a person what they want, what is the common response? You will hear something like, “I just want to be happy” or “Why can’t I just be happy?”. What does that even mean? 

We need to expound on what happiness really is and ask ourselves what that actually looks like!

What would need to change in one’s life to attain a permanent state of 'happy', and is it even possible? 

The answer is no, and I’ll explain why.

Our current reality of social media is creating a state of hypnotic illusion that causes us to believe that everyone is having the perfect life with all the trimmings. It’s difficult to see the truth.

You see, happiness is an emotion; it’s no different than sadness, anger, excitement, anxiety, frustration, elation… when we don’t want to feel anything but 'happy', it keeps us from growing!

Our emotional intelligence becomes severely stunted, causing one to be an emotional weakling and thus imbalanced! 

We’re missing the ability to feel what we feel at any given time, understanding that E-motions are Energy in Motion. When we are in touch with what we feel, we not only heal, but we also have a deeper encountering of this beautiful experience called life! 

Can you imagine not being able to feel anything? Waking up and not being able to have any sense of any emotion?

We have a choice of continuing the chase of the illusion called 'happy', believing that to consume anything outside of ourselves will eventually fulfill us, or, we can begin our search within to find the fulfillment we long for.

The highs and lows of our pendulum will continue swinging from one end of the spectrum of 'Happy' to the other extreme of disparity; either way, we are then on the swing of an illusionary existence that eventually gives us E-motion sickness. The sense of attainment we are really longing for is an internal one... it’s a state of equanimity!

This is where joy comes from. 

It bubbles up from a core authentic place within us and its expression is always true; we are then inside of peace and love. 

You are not entitled to joy, no one is! We have to do the inner work of tearing down the beliefs that put joy on a scale and have us continue to compare ourselves to another’s joy or sadness.

 Our reaction to tragedy and trauma causes us to run to the 'happy' experience we never attain, thus never being in the driver’s seat of our own life. We are pushed, pulled and hooked in every direction. It’s only when we stop and be still, are we able to respond to this pain that has been chasing us and we find a state of peace and joy. 

Pain will no longer control or define us, but will free us.